Sunday, December 27, 2009

Florida trip

Our trip to Florida was fabulous. We enjoyed the entire trip plane ride and all. There only a couple of rainy days the rest of the time it was beautiful and very warm, very unlike it was and is here right now. Dylan always surprises me at how well he adjusts to new surroundings, and stays pretty much in a good routine just like we're at home. His aunt Stacey has a little chiuaua (sp?) named Reggie. He's still pretty young and loved to play. It only took Dylan about a day to warm up to him and by the end of the trip they were buds, running through the house playing. We spent a day at the zoo there and Dylan really enjoyed it. He got to feed a deer, but all daddy kept talking about was shooting it. We also spent two days at the beach. He loved, loved, loved the beach.

Here is him and daddy going out in the waves:

And then suddenly....

These pictures will now explain this video:


If you listen or I guess watch closely at the end he tells the water to "shh". This was the day after he was hit by that wave and he was a little angry still at the water. But he got back into it a little later. We had lots of fun an can't wait to go again soon.

Here is a link to look at the rest of the pictures. I had made a slideshow but for some reason my computer is picking on me and won't let me upload anything anymore. Enjoy the pictures and sorry for the late post.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I know I'm terrible at this...

You know Gene told me when I started this that he didn't think I would do very well at keeping it updated and here I am proving him right which I dislike doing very much :)

So here's a recap of the last few months. So the last posting was about the H1N1 vaccine and whether or not I should get it. After much research and prayer we decided to go ahead and get it for me. It's been 5 weeks and no reaction, still praying there are no side effects for the baby. We also decided to vaccinate Dylan. All of his cousins have had the flu already and he hadn't gotten it yet so I just decided to go ahead and get it just to keep him healthy. It's been a week for him and no reaction.

Ok now on to the fun stuff. My dad turned 50 in September and some of my family from Florida came up to celebrate. This was so much fun for my dad and I'm glad we could make it such a wonderful day for him. Here are a few pictures from the weekend they were all here.

Papaw and his boys. Besides the grand kids there's my cousin Logan (on the arm of the chair) and my cousin's baby Gavin (dad is holding him)

I just love getting pictures of this kid he has such a sweet, innocent face.

What can I say, he's proud of his body

The family the night before they all headed home, a few are missing for a softball game.

We brought this over for my cousin's baby to use and Dylan just loved climbing in it. It's going to be fun when the next baby comes, he'll have all new toys to experience.

In October we had our 8 week appointment, which included an ultrasound. We took Dylan, which was fun and hectic at the same time. He enjoyed looking at the screen during the ultrasound but when we went in to meet with the nurse and just go over things he became very bored and destructive. The baby looked great on the ultrasound and everything is going great. My due date is May 24th, which is great because I will get the whole summer off of work. Gene's sister and brother-in-law came up for a visit and we go to throw her her first baby shower. And guess what?!?!?!? She's having a girl, I got to buy stuff for baby girl shower for the first time. Sorry Holly I didn't even get to come to yours. It was so much fun at the shower seeing her be so excited. And she looks beautiful. We get to go visit them in December and I can't wait. And I can't wait to meet my baby niece in March!!!! For Halloween we debated on whether to buy a costume or use a hand me down. We decided hand me down which was good because he didn't stay in his costume for long. But I must say he was the cutest little chicken I have ever seen.

See you can't help but say "aww how cute!!!"

At mamaw G's

With his cousins. As this clan grows up, I fear for the town of Lebanon. There has already been another boy added, and what if I have another boy too. Ahh!!!!

Trick or Treating. He would seriously clean people's candy bowl out if they didn't take it away from him. He just kept reaching in and grabbing more. It also took us over an hour to walk around one block.

That brings us to November and what an exciting month already. Brandon and Gretchen's long awaited bundle of joy arrived on November 3rd, about 3 1/2 weeks early. Josiah Lee Williamson. He weighed in at 6 lbs 10 ounces and was 19 inches long. He is beautiful. He did have a bit of a rough start but with a week stay in the NICU he is now home doing wonderful. I haven't gotten a lot of pictures of him mostly because I haven't been able to visit him very much. With his scary arrival and being so early I am trying to keep Dylan away awhile, mostly because he is very touchy and kissy with babies and I don't want him to pass any germs. Hopefully we will be able to go visit this week sometime.
I also had my 12 week appointment and got to listen to the heart beat. The baby is doing wonderful and the pregnancy is going great. Besides a few extra aches and pains, and a little extra sleepiness everything is going great. I was looking at a Chinese calender that is supposed to be able to predict what gender you are having. It's based on the mother's age and the month the baby was conceived and the chart was right for Dylan. This time it said that we are having a girl. Based on it's way of predicting it has to be right, right??? No but seriously I will be extremely happy with whichever we have. Dylan could have a sports buddy or I could have a dress up partner, it's a win win situation really.

Wow that was a long one. Well you can look at it this way, if I only update every few months you will have a very long post to read and be able to kill some time, hopefully you are at work killing time. My next post will probably be about Thanksgiving and our trip to Florida so it will be a few weeks. Thanks for reading!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009


I have to get this out there and ask for thoughts from other people. Ever since I found out I'm pregnant I have been comtemplating whether or not to get the H1N1 vaccine for myself and for Dylan. I am scared to do it because I don't feel like there has been adequate testing though I know they are still testing it. I'm scared if I do get it for myself or Dylan it could cause serious long term effects. But if I don't get it and either myself or Dylan gets it and something happens to him or the baby I'm carrying it would be devastating. I am trying to research and get more information to help make my decision but in the long run I think it's going to come down to me weighing the risks. I am not as worried about Dylan. He isn't around a lot of other kids or anything like that and he doesn't have any other health concerns. But for myself being pregnant knowing the increased risk of pregnancy and the flu, whether it be H1N1 or just the regular flu, I'm totally at a loss for what to do.

Maybe I'm overreacting, maybe I'm hormonal, but I'm very concerned about what to do with this. I had never gotten the regular flu vaccine until the year after Dylan was born. I just wasn't comfortable taking it. So I think well I didn't get too sick with the flu when I was pregnant with Dylan so I should be fine with this pregnancy. But then I start to second guess myself thinking what if I don't get the vaccines and something does happen to me or I go into pre mature labor or something.

Help....I am thinking too much on this?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guess what?!?!?

yep that's right, there's going to be another one. This one was surprise for us. We had planned on going off the pill in the next 2 months or so, but God had different plans for us. So baby #2 should be joining us in late May 2010. I have went through ton of different emotions from excitement to nervous to scared to sad that Dylan won't be the baby anymore to guilty for being scared to happy, and the emotions just keep flowing. I am still scared of how it will work with 2, but plenty of mothers have been there and they are still alive, and some of them even went on to have another one...can you believe it?!?!? :)

I think I realized from this that God has bigger plans for us and knows more what we need than we do. I think I would have kept pushing back when we would start trying because I was scared. Scared of raising 2, scared of the pregnancy and what it will bring this time, scared if we can financially do this, but I know it will work out and we will be okay. And now we will be a strong family of 4.

Keep us in your prayers, I am still early, only 4 weeks. So far my levels have looked good and are rising at the right pace. They are keeping a close eye on me and I will have my levels drawn again next week and hopefully I won't have to keep taking the progesterone. Yay!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

"I want Amen..."

When Gene and I first got married, I said I want to always eat dinner at the table together. Now that doesn't always happen but I would say the majority of the time it does. We always wait for everyone to sit and then we hold hands and say prayer. When we first started trying to get Dylan to hold our hands to say prayer he would just look at us, but eventually he started holding our hands and listening somewhat to what Gene would say. Well recently as soon as we are all sitting he starts saying "I want Amen" and then he reaches for our hands. It's too cute, and he knows we need/want to say prayer before we can eat. He will snack just a little on his dinner while he's waiting on me.

Anyways tonight when we sat down and said prayer, he just wanted to keep doing it over and over. Then we told him to close his eyes and this is what we got:

Though this toddler stage can be trying at times, he never ceases to amaze me at how much he learns. He is silly too, and makes me laugh all the time. This age has made me want to have lots of kids, I know it's a hard age, but it's also so much fun and if I could guarantee I'd have 8 more just like Dylan, maybe not as energetic, I would definitly give Gene his baseball team. I know sometimes I complain about how tiring he can be because he is so busy, but it keeps me active, which will in turn keep me young or maybe kill me young, but at least I would be having fun.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We had such a great time. This picture is from our first trail. Dylan loved it. He liked seeing all the people and at the end there was a beautiful waterfall.

At Ripley's Aquarium.

Our cabinDylan was amazed with this giant shoe, he had to put it onDaddy and Dylan playing pool. Racing mommy to the top of the hill, I think I might

have passed out once we reached the top :)

Dylan was great on this vacation. We didn't do a lot, did a couple of days of trails and some shopping and then mostly hung out in the cabin. It was nice just being able to spend time together as family without worrying about the house or work or anything like that. We were able to just hang out and have fun. Dylan picked up a lot more words and is talking all the time. I don't understand everything he says but most of it is pretty plain. He is putting words together now too. Most of them start with "I want.." but hey it's a start. This week he started calling for us and saying "Mommy are you?" It's so cute I love it. Well there was a ton more pictures so here is our picasa link to this album:

WARNING: there is a picture of Gene in the jucuzzi, he thought it was hilarious and wanted me to post it on our blog, I said no way, but it is in this album and I apologize ahead of time.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I know....

Ok I know it's been a really, really long time, so here's my excuse: We have been working non-stop on the house every night so when I do have a free night I don't feel like blogging. And then there's my wonderful, very active, 16 month old baby boy who requires lots of attention. And if you don't buy into any of those excuses, then I'm a bad blogger but to help you forgive me the rest of this post will only contain pictures of my wonderful boy. ENJOY!!!

I must say that's some very adorable pictures, with the many faces of Dylan. Ok so we are still working on the house, but we are almost finished. We will be leaving on a much needed vacation this Thursday and won't be back until the next Thursday. I will try my very best to get vacation pictures on here soon after we get home. I hope there are still some people following us, if not I just wasted a 1/2 hour putting up cute pictures.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Taig!!

My nephew Taig's birthday was today, so in honor of that my mom and I took Easton, Camden, Taig and Dylan to a splash park in Zionsville. It's really neat and all of the kids enjoyed themsevles. Here's some pictures of the park and them playing.

The water park

They all had a lot of fun, and Dylan had so much fun he crashed as soon as I put him in his car seat to go home. This place is really neat, and it's good for little ones. I highly recomend it. I guess there's another splash park in Westfield, we are going to try it out this summer too.