Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow days

I have officially decided that winter is too long and I dislike it very much. It is too cold and I hate be cold, it causes doggy footprints through the house which makes cleaning the floors never ending, and you can not take your 2 year old out very often to run off energy. Being stuck in the house all winter really is starting to take it's toll on Dylan and I. I am going stir crazy and he doesn't know what to do with all his energy so he has become destructive. Now I know that maybe that's just a given trait for a toddler boy, but some days I think I'm going crazy. So this week I said we are going outside I don't care how many layers we have to put on we are going out. So after 45 minutes of getting on layer after layer, while chasing him to do it, we made outside. Dylan actually really enjoyed and so did I. He had a little trouble walking in places because it was too deep so I'd have to carry him, and let me tell that is no small task anymore. But we did get out his sled he got for Christmas and I could pull him around in it which helped a lot. Here are some pictures from our day.

He was very excited about this huge icicle

....Until he decided to shatter it on this pole,
remember the destruction phase I was talking about

Fun in the sled.

Yeah he can already drive in the snow.