Sunday, December 27, 2009

Florida trip

Our trip to Florida was fabulous. We enjoyed the entire trip plane ride and all. There only a couple of rainy days the rest of the time it was beautiful and very warm, very unlike it was and is here right now. Dylan always surprises me at how well he adjusts to new surroundings, and stays pretty much in a good routine just like we're at home. His aunt Stacey has a little chiuaua (sp?) named Reggie. He's still pretty young and loved to play. It only took Dylan about a day to warm up to him and by the end of the trip they were buds, running through the house playing. We spent a day at the zoo there and Dylan really enjoyed it. He got to feed a deer, but all daddy kept talking about was shooting it. We also spent two days at the beach. He loved, loved, loved the beach.

Here is him and daddy going out in the waves:

And then suddenly....

These pictures will now explain this video:


If you listen or I guess watch closely at the end he tells the water to "shh". This was the day after he was hit by that wave and he was a little angry still at the water. But he got back into it a little later. We had lots of fun an can't wait to go again soon.

Here is a link to look at the rest of the pictures. I had made a slideshow but for some reason my computer is picking on me and won't let me upload anything anymore. Enjoy the pictures and sorry for the late post.