Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it done yet????

Yes the bathroom is pretty well finished. Gene will be hanging the trim and it will finally be done. I won't be posting any pictures of it until after this weekend. We have friends coming over and I want them to see the final product in person rather than on here. Nothing much else new to post about with us.

Well actually Dylan has started completely walking. He just stands up and starts walking like his always been able to. He does look a little funny because it seems like he isn't bending his knees very much, but he is so cute. Well thats all for now, I'll write again soon.

Friday, February 20, 2009


So just a quick post, because its so cute. Thanks to a friend of ours, Brittany, we have found something Dylan loves to eat. We cook the spiral pasta and just put a little tomatoe sauce on it and Dylan love them. Of course you might be thinking that sounds messy.
Oh not at all
I love this one, "What??? I'm eating here"
Don't worry it didn't stain, well too much :)
Oh he's so much fun. I love being a mommy!!! I love watching him grow. Can you believe this Sunday he's turning 11 months?!?!?
Aunt Roxanne, if you can you should print these off and show them to Grandma and Grandpa, they might get a kick out of them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the little things

Those of you who have kids will appreciate this. I never really noticed the little things that kids pick up on, and how excited we as parents get when we see or hear them repeat us or something they've seen. Things that seem so natural to us, until we have kids and we watch them learn to do them. I love to watch Dylan as he is able to repeat something that sounds like what we've done. He loves our reactions and just eats it up. Last night at supper he wanted to drink out of my glass. Well I had milk and we haven't given him any yet but he really wanted it. I let him take a sip out of my glass and he loved it, he kept trying to take the glass back it was funny. So I put a little milk in a sippy cup for him and he just went to town with it. Every time he would take a drink he would look over at daddy and wait for a reaction. Gene would go"ahh..", you know the sound you make when you've satisfied your thirst, Dylan started repeating him after every drink. Gene and I got a kick out of this. But to someone else it might not seem so neat, but we've seen him go from this little infant who could barely move himself to this "toddler" that is holding his own cup, walking across the living room, and climbing on anything and everything he can reach. I wish I was better at using our video recorder, there are so many things he's doing now that aren't on video yet. I am trying to work on that. This weekend he was at my parents, and was just taking off walking everywhere. Mom said she got some video of it so hopefully I can get that and post it for everyone. Well here's a picture to make up for no video..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

bathroom update

So we've worked on the bathroom all week and all weekend so far. It's painted and has tile down but isn't in working condition, no toliet, no sink and we can't get to the shower. The painting wasn't fun. Red is a very hard color to paint and it was rainy out when we started painting so the paint would run and everything else. Then yesterday Gene got up early to start the tiling, but he needed to change some pipes for the sink first. Well that turned into a 6 hour project. Let's just say that plumbing is not that much fun. So the finally finished laying the tile at 11:00 last night. And Gene and my dad came and put the grout in before church this morning. Anyway here are a few pictures to update you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New bathroom

Gene and I have decided with our tax check this year that we are going to remodel our bathroom. So this past weekend we went to Lowes and bought pretty much everything we needed, new sink, toliet, tile, faucet, lights, paint, and decorations. Basically the only thing that will be the same is the location of everything and the bathtub/shower. Its exciting and scary at the same time. We are neither one the handiest people you'll meet, but I must say that Gene is picking up on things very quickly and I'm very impressed with him. He's not afraid to ask people questions on how to do things or just for help doing it. I was very stressed when we were getting thing organized so we knew what we were going to do, but now that we've started, it's actually a lot of fun. Dylan does make things a little more difficult because he likes to help and to see everything you are doing but all in all its been good so far. Here's a couple of before pictures

I wish we would have remembered to take pictures before we started anything but we forgot until we had already started a few things. Anyways stay tuned for after pictures....YAY!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Here goes nothing...

So I decided that I wanted to start a blog so that family and friends that are far away could keep up with our lives. I'm not sure what to write in this first post so I will just bring you up to speed on Dylan.
He is now 10 months old and very active. He has been active since, well pretty much always. He is crawling everywhere and he will randomly stand up and start taking steps. Hopefully I can figure out how to post video soon so I can show everyone how well he is doing with it. He tries to repeat a lot of words that we say. "Hot" was the first word he said very plainly, but now he also will repeat turtle, all done, dog, and I think today he was trying to say Chloe (our basset hound). Momma and dadda have been in his vocabulary for a while but he now knows who is talking about and will say it when trying to get your attention or while climbing on us.
I am currently trying to get him to eat more table food so we can stop buying baby food but it's not going real well. He loves snacking on table food but when it comes to sitting down and having a meal of his own well thats not happening. He will eat almost anything off our plates so I've been trying to trick him into eating almost a full meal of table food. But he'll get there eventually. I can't think of anything else new for him right now so I will just post a couple of pictures of him instead....