Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introducing miss Kyla Grace...

So our doctors decided to induce labor in my 39th week due to the antibodies I had created. It was weird knowing we were going to the hospital to have a baby and I wasn't even in pain. We were up and leaving at 5 am, which was pretty early for Gene but he did okay with it. Here is the last belly picture:

A picture of mommy and daddy before they had started anything. Once they broke my water and started my pitocin I didn't even make it 2 hours before I was asking for an epidural. I thought that I would wait so I could get up but since the doctor broke my water I wasn't allowed out of bed anyways, so why not be numb.

Kyla Grace was born at 1:47 pm May 17th. She was 6lbs 12 oz and 20 inches long. When they placed her on my chest I thought she looked so much like what Dylan did when he was born but the more I see her now the less she does. Delivery was a little different this time I went from 6 cm, 75% to fully dilated and fully efaced in less then a 1/2 hour, which didn't give my redose for my epidural time to kick in on my right side so I got to feel everything on that side. I guess it was helpful because I did not want to stop pushing and she was out in like 15 minutes. So glad it didn't take as long as it did with Dylan, it was very painful. But here she is and she was worth every bit of it:

Dylan was so excited to meet her. But he quickly became more interested in mommy's water and all of the things mommy was hooked up to.

He is so proud.Daddy and his baby girl. This is after she had to be in the CCN, its like NICU but not as serious and the babies are allowed to go back and forth from their parents to the unit. They were watching her for jaundice and anemia. They were pretty sure she would eventually need the bili lights for her jaundice.

And she did. It was very hard the first time I saw her in here but it got easier she always seemed pretty content when I would go to check on her.
Finally going home. She had to stay one extra day on the lights so we came home on Thursday.
Here are some pictures from our first night home and the following day. We got a call Friday afternoon that her blood test from that morning had went way up and she needed to be readmitted. This was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I hated that I had to take her back and not hold her again while she was on the lights. I was so upset that I had to turn around and leave Dylan again after we had just come home with him. We finally found a middle ground and I ended up leaving her overnight Friday to come back home with Dylan and went straight back up Saturday morning with her and stayed until Sunday afternoon when she got to come home for good.

Her heels looked awful from all of the sticks. They almost looked purple from all of them.

So we got to come home on Sunday but she had to be on whats called a bili blanket. It had to be plugged into the wall so it was incredibly annoying. She could only come off for feedings and diaper changes. But it was so much work to get it back on that didn't always take it off for those. She got to come off of it on Thursday and everything looks great now. We are finally getting to adjust to the fun of having 2 children and its been extremely wonderful and exhausting all at the same time.

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  1. I am so glad she is here and home and off the blanket! :) She is beautiful!!