Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Catch up...oops sorry

So Dylan turned 2 in March. Time is going so fast I can't believe it. We had the party here and it went great. He got all kinds of Toy Story things. Probably his favorite were his Buzz rubber boots and his toy Woody doll. He didn't take the boots all night and then he cried when I did. Here are a few pictures from his party.
After everyone left we were sitting and relaxing when we heard Dylan saying "I eat my happy birthday cake" and in my mind I'm thinking what's he talking about I put all of the cake away. So we get up to go see and here's what we find
Yep that is straight icing at 9pm. It was pretty funny though.

Here is Dylan's 2 year picture that aunt Janna did for us:

I absolutely love this picture of him. I'm glad Janna was able to do it because he wouldn't have been fun at a photo studio at all. He is not one to be confined thats for sure. I will post again soon about Easter and how the pregnancy is going, but right now I'm too tired.


  1. I'm so glad you did candid shots with someone he knows. We discovered studios are not meant for 2 year olds!!! It's an adorable shot. Sorry we missed the party. Hope you are resting as much as possible, though I know you and know you're not! :cP Thanks for updating the blog, hopefully we'll see you guys soon.

  2. Can't believe he is already 2 and going to be a big brother! He is so darn cute!